About us .....

Who we are .....

SPS is a nonprofit scientific association for research on the mechanisms of natural cancer defense by the immune system. Our goal is to open up scientifically founded alternatives to conventional cancer treatment schemes, based on the understanding of our natural cancer defense.

We employ modern cell and molecular biological methods for the identification of key molecules of natural cancer defense and the characterization of their way of action.

We are solely bound to the principles of basic biomedical research.

In addition, by our public activities, we would like to contribute to a better understanding of complex biological phenomena in the context of cancer for those affected and the interested layman.

We are not pursuing financial profit and neither are connected to the pharmaceutical industry, but fund our work solely on donations.

We believe in the power of a joint effort in the service of health.

Please help us to reach this goal .....

What we need .....

is YOUR support, in ideal and material form.

Basic biomedical research is very costly and is only inadequately supported by public funding.

Help us to develop new, biological approaches for cancer therapy.

Please support us by funding our research and promoting our goals.

Our projects .....

Our scientific key project is the further molecular characterization of the macrophage-derived antitumor factor MTC 170, which, based on the available data, we believe to constitute the key factor of natural cancer defense that has been searched for unavailingly for decades. (more .....)

Our executive board .....

Chairwoman: Dr. Eveline Zirknitzer

Ass. Chairwoman: Dr. Susanne Harwix

Secretary: Gertraud Tiwar-Sharma 

Ass. Secretary: Dr. Xaver Schiel

Treasurer: Margit Lackinger

Ass. Treasurer: Margarete Kohlbauer


Scientific Director: Dr. Guenter Schwamberger