Aims .....

“Natural forces within us

are the true healers of disease”




This, by now  about 2400 years old statement from the pen of the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, the “father of western medicine“, may represent one of the most fundamental insights into the principles of healing, an insight unfortunately sometimes missing in modern medicine. In fact, our organism possesses astonishing self-healing capacities, which, as in case of the healing of injuries, usually are more or less taken for granted. But as a matter of fact, our self-healing capacities by far surpass this phenomenon. One of our most important self-healing forces is our immune system, which protects us throughout lifetime from the consequences of infections. And as demonstrated by the rare, but consistently documented cases of spontaneous cure from cancer, our body is in principle also able to autonomously eradicate cancer.

As described in more detail under Fundamentals, also in this respect, the cells of the immune system, especially the phagocytes (macrophages), play a fundamental role. We are thus convinced, that the best strategy for the treatment of cancer is to specifically employ these natural self-healing forces. For this purpose however, it is essential to unveil the basic biological mechanisms underlying this cancer defense system. Thus, our goal is to further promote research on the meanwhile almost forgotten field of natural cancer defense by macrophages, in order to open up new ways for a biological therapy of cancer.

As the nobel laureate for literature George Bernhard Shaw already realized more than 100 years ago:

“There is at bottom only one

genuinely scientific treatment

for all diseases,

and that is

to stimulate the phagocytes“

(G. B. Shaw „The Doctor's Dilemma“)